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JavaScript Bookmarklets

Click on a link to preview what the bookmarklet does. To add it to your bookmarks bar, drag the link onto the bar. Some browsers don't allow you to do this, if the bookmark saves as about:blank#blocked, you'll have to add it manually.

Test image:

Page Modification
Randomize element rotation
Edit page text
Flip images
Custom background color
Replace images with kittens
3D view

Screen Adjustment
Dim screen
Flip screen for presentation mode
Invert screen to use with a mirror
Squish screen for if your screen is half-closed
Reset screen adjustments

QR code from URL
Custom text QR code
Show all images
DomainTools Whois lookup
Submit to Wayback Machine (archive it!)

Random screenshot finder
Freeze site
Mouse light

Bi-directional secret message
Encode Base64
Decode Base64